Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Demolition Time....

Very exciting to see the demolition take place, the actual process didn't take long at all.

Day 1 (Mon 18 Feb)
Stripped out the most of the asbestos, this also entailed removing the roof tiles.

Day 2 (Tue 19 Feb)
Flooring all removed and anything else that is being salvaged.

Few photos here taken through the eye of my 7 year old....

Master M thought it very funny that
the toilet looked like this!

Day 3 (Mon 25 Feb)
Digger arrived on site.  Greenery removed off the sheds and some of the other plants removed also.

Day 4 (Wed 27 Feb)
9.00am - Last of the asbestos was being removed off the sheds, big truck waiting out the front.
2.30pm - Drove past and the house was flattened and pretty much gone, no one on site at all.

Day 5 (Thu 28 Feb)
9.00am - Last of the house rubble was being taken away

12.00pm - The Liquid Amber Tree had majority of its branches removed and they we now working on lopping it to the ground.  I had a tinge of nerves, hoping it really did fall in the middle of our block......the chainsaw was brought out and away they went chopping it down.  By 5.00pm the block was fully cleared and levelled out...Job done!!!  Exciting.

The Liquid Amber Root - didn't fit in, he had to take out again!


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