Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Guessing the renderers would be on site Monday, I headed past to mention the damage to the render next to the top storey window so this could be easily fixed while they are on site and have the coloured render at hand - also before the scaffolding comes down.  They were hard at it rendering the bottom floor all around.  I came across a language barrier.  In the end I had to call our SS to sort out.

By the end of the day, it was all fixed - super!

Tuesday saw the renderers at it again, working around the whole bottom floor.  I think it maybe completed now.  Just need to do the painted render around the bottom floor.

I am expecting the scaffolding to come down any day now.

Once the scaffold comes down, then the carpenters can come back and put the roof on the garage and alfresco, I can't wait as this will really help us see what it will all look like and start planning the landscaping areas.  I need to start working out the driveway and pool fencing quotes, so need an idea of how we will do this.

Solar Panels for hot water service.

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