Saturday, 6 July 2013

Half Way There.......Week 11 !!!

Well I can't believe it and must say, a tad excited!  I met the SS a week ago on site to discuss a couple of things.  I asked how long did he think until we would be finished???
Remembering - Our Contract states a build time of 280 days + 28 days for Christmas period = 44 weeks.
At the time of my discussion with SS we are up to Week 10.  He replies that we are pretty much half way there, so probably around 10 weeks to go.  Me gobsmacked!
I knew that they were well advanced, hubby and I couldn't work out how on earth it could take till Jan/Feb 2014 with where we are up to.
So, that 10 weeks takes us to early September (which would equate to around 22 week build time).  I don't mind if it is even October, this is well before Christmas with time to get settled in.  Not holding my breath just yet though.

Must get onto some other quotes now such as fences, driveways and pool fencing!

Lock-Up Independent Inspection
Nothing to report other than the obvious things missing - windows, bi-folds, alfresco roof and garage roof.  So a good job being done.

So where are we up to.........

The Eaves have now been painted.

Missing Window and Rendering
The missing window has been installed and thus the Hebel that goes around it.  This area now needs to be rendered.  I am sure that this will happen early this coming week as the SS wants the scaffolding down asap (actually last week!)

I noticed that there is a chip in the render around one of the top storey facade windows.  I will have to make sure I find the Renderers on site this week and ask them to fix it if they haven't noticed.  Stands out though!  You can see it in this picture here.

Back Bi-Fold
Still missing.  Was told that this would be installed this last week, but not there.  It really needs to be on before they plaster!

All the Insulation has been installed.  Glad I was there though.  Happened to ask "What does the sound insulation look like?".  Dumb look from installer stating that there wasn't any sound insulation on this order.  I confirmed that there should be.  Anyway, after them chasing it up, it was missed off the order and is now installed around our Media/Playroom.

Extra Insulation in roof.
Sound Insulation is Grey

Electricians did come back and move junction boxes that we had at the back of the house and insert a separate circuit that we added as a PCV.  These junction boxes are for the pool electricals.  One of the junction boxes was going to end up way up high at lighting height, however I asked for it to be put down low as otherwise we would have to cover wiring all the way up the wall.  One of the junction boxes is linked up to an internal light switch to turn on the pool lights.  The other junction box will hook up wiring to the pool equipment after handover.

All the plaster and cornices have now been delivered and this is the next step internally.  Am guessing that the staircase can't be far away either...


  1. Fantastic progress. Lucky you were there to query the sound insulation! :)

  2. The great part of my driving by obsession Mrs R, get to ask lots of questions. I don't get in their face though.