Saturday, 3 August 2013

Week 14 - Excited - Fixing Stage complete.....Woo Hoo.

So excited that the house is taking shape.  What a difference 3 days can make in how the house looks......Fixing Stage now complete - we have Independent Inspection booked for Monday morning.

Outside of the House
The capping over the lower 3 guest suite windows had now been fitted, thank goodness, as there was potential for rain to get in through there in high wind.

Front door has been installed, just needs to be painted.

Still waiting for lower storey render to be completed and the roofing on the garage, portico and alfresco roof.

Capping just over the jut out completed.
PMAD 106 door - obscure glass

So amazing to see these finally installed.  I am very intrigued to see how these turn out as there was some confusion on the type of stairs we were putting in.  Via our contract we are having: Traditional Stair Option 4 (confusion was in the fact that there are around 4 different types of option 4, our sales consultant had told us we were wanting Option 2, but of confusion in their documentation!
Basically, stairs are stain grade, will be carpeted and have stainless steel posts and stain grade handrail.

Storage Cupboard Under the Stairs

Cabinet Installation
These were installed on Thursday and Friday.  

Friday afternoon there was a little hiccup as the installer put a screw into a waterpipe, so SS had to arrange for plumber to head out and fix this.

Note - we will be replacing all handles after handover.

Laundry - white cupboards with laminate bench the full width of the room

Kitchen - white cupboards with brushed silver kickboards - essastone will be installed later on.  We had the extension cupboards go under the window in the dining room and all of these are draws.  Great for platters etc..

Hubby likes the idea of drop saw in the kitchen - feature he says!

Bathroom - Cabinets all installed on Friday afternoon - funny how I get the Fixing invoice at 2.30pm!  At 2.15pm the installer was putting in the laundry chute and the guest bathroom vanity wasn't installed as he had screwed a screw in the plumbing and the plumber had to come out and fix this prior to finished the installation of this cabinet!
Licorice Linea is the colour of the laminate.

Downstairs we installed the Deco doors as shown on the right.
Upstairs we have used standard doors to bedrooms and linen cupboards.

Nice light coming through the front door

All the bits and bobs for connection of services!


  1. We also chose that front door. Yours looks nice and wide. Is that larger than standard size?

  2. HI Mrs Royal, yes it is wider. Originally the standard doors used for here are 2 doors, which we didn't want, so we changed to one door with hebel on the sides. The door is around 1m wide as my Mum is in a wheelchair and makes access easier for her.
    Can't wait for it to be painted red!