Friday, 16 August 2013

Week 17 - as everyone says, it feels a little slow right now

So yes, it all feels a little slow, even though I know lots has happened. Yes there are days when people aren't there as well.

This past week the painters have been onsite, however they said there is plaster work that needs to be fixed so that they can paint.  They still tackled areas around all this prepping everything and covering all non painted surfaces with plastic - windows, cabinets, etc.  Looks pretty funny.  Glad I didn't have to do the wrapping.

With a little visit to the house yesterday to meet SS there, I noticed that a lot of the plaster had been fixed up.  So I can only guess that next week is all systems go for the painters inside, then out.

Over the past 2 weeks the Garage and Alfresco have had the plaster installed on walls and ceiling, with all the finishing off timbers also.

Downpipes were also installed on a yukky windy day!

The roof has been added to the Portico and since being plastered in ceiling also.

Been having interesting discussion with SS about the laundry chute.  The design on plan is a little strange, so working through.  Apparently not many laundry chutes normally installed.  Funny that the chute was installed upstairs but there is no hole in the bottom of the cupboard!  Anyway, SS is onto it and getting it sorted.

Still working on quotes for Landscaping, Fencing etc etc....exhausting!

I wish someone would sweep up the rubbish
I am about to go and do it myself, can't stand it!

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