Saturday, 16 November 2013

What we Love and What we would do differently....

Things I would do differently on the Wembley 35 - 

  • Bed 3 - I would have changed window location to be facing backyard, this would have assisted with a larger window and saved overlooking issue.
  • Guest Bedroom - pay close attention to where the BIR is placed. Due to us choosing the Balmain facade, it is in a strange location just inside the door, but right in front of a feature window. It would fit perfectly on the far outside wall, however you are then looking straight into the cupboard and then a bed would have to be on the wall just inside the door (on the hall wall)
  • Laundry Chute - Love having it, it is super, however they have struggled with it the whole time and still need to fix it up.  The actual hole for clothes is 250mm x 250mm!!!!!  I was trusting that they knew what they were doing, however no-one knew what to do.  Big balls up.  Still ongoing.
  • Bifold Door to Alfresco - we have a 4 leaf aluminium door and it doesn't have a single opening door. Very strange design. Wish I had realised this in the planning stage as this we should have read on the plans. Also put in retractable flyscreens if you can or at least get a quote. We didn't but I found out later on that others have got them installed.
  • Pay close attention to the size of the cupboards in the kitchen, especially if you like them all uniform. One of ours on the plans was 350mm and all the rest 400mm, ridiculous that they do it that way!
  • Laundry Bench is 3800mm long.  Found out laminate/formica is only in 3600mm lengths, so therefore ugly join on the bench top.

Things we LOVE:
  • Green Splashback - Dulux Mangrove Leaf - very fresh, everyone comments on it.
  • The extra "media unit" that extends from the kitchen along the dining wall under the window. Everyone that walks into our house comments on it and how wonderful it is. We put draws instead of cupboards. Great utilisation of space and worth the money.
  • Laundry size - with changing the lounge to a guest bedroom, the reorganisation of design makes a wonderful massive laundry - LOVE IT.
  • Grand Alfresco - fantastic if you can afford to do it.
  • Happy with our selection of lighting. We have 5 wall lights round stairs, probably only needed 3.
  • We went for the Amended Pantry Option for kitchen same as the display.
  • Size of the Pantry
  • Size of Parent's WIR
  • Tiling - Tiler did a fantastic job.  Very Shmick.  The Cat 1 Subway tiling is great, I have had lots of comments on them - they are in laundry splashback, round bathtub and quest ensuite shower.
  • Casement Windows
  • Double glazed windows
  • Hebel - very stable temperature so far
  • Bolero Flooring - this has been fabulous with 3 young children and a house surrounded by dirt!

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