Saturday, 16 November 2013

Time Flies - Where do I start?????

Hi All, well it has now been 5 weeks since handover and I don't really know where to start with some updates.....Okay, perhaps Settlement/Handover.

It was all fairly non-eventful on the day.  Some little things being attended to and some things to be fixed in the few days following.  Still waiting for some things to be attended and making my list ready for 3 month inspection - nothing too major though.
Took about half an hour going round with SS checking everything.  Then headed to Narre Warren office for handover to get all the keys.  Also opportunity to discuss any feedback with Customer Service Manager, complete a survey and received a little gift with the keys....

Stove Installed - LOVE IT (just takes a while to warm up to temperature...)
PS - still totally in love with my splashback.  Soooo many positive comments from friends

Dishwasher - Super quiet (Eco cycle is over 2hrs though!)

Present from PD on Handover
We moved house over that first weekend as we had one week cross over with our rental, so it all worked out pretty well on that front.

Here are some tips on things to prepare for in preparation for Handover Day and the first few weeks to make them smooth:

Work out which provider you will go with.  It is the owners responsibility to arrange the connection of your phone line from the street to your house (I wasn't quite aware of that).  You don't have to select Telstra to do that, you can go with other providers and they will arrange the connection for you through their company (cost is max $299 for this connection, maybe cheaper).  This connection can take 5-10 business days.  You then need to wait for this connection before you can then check the line and set up an internet connection - another 5-10 business days.  So try to arrange for the Line Connection to your house as close to Handover day as possible.

TV Antenna
Reminder that this is something you need to arrange.  I did lots of research as it seemed on doing reviews that there are some dodgy people out there.  Rough cost should be around $260 for installing digital antenna - we have 3 points, some people seem to be ripped off with $1700.  Once I made the phonecall, it was 3 days later we had the connection.  Remember this can be weather dependent, if you have colourbond roof and threat of rain, you installation will be delayed.

Check all your providers.  I started to check, but ran out of time, so I just signed over to Energy Australia straight from PD, but am not locked in to any contract so I will now start to look into what is best for us.  

Other bits and pieces have happened, will post separately.

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