Thursday, 5 December 2013

Landscaping - Part 2 - Pathways

We had our paths started today - in Melbourne torrential rain, wind and top temp of 16.8oC on 5 Dec!
Anyway, great news for us, the landscaper couldn't do another job because of the rain, so came to us today.  He fits us in between his big jobs.

So today the plan was to tackle the paths around the side of the house and out the back.  We are going for the Recycled Old Timber Railway sleepers embedded in the paths in some sections.  Also using the sleepers to make a couple of vege patches to one side of the garden.  

The paths are Tynong Toppings which have a grey appearance (funny that really!!)  We must love grey!

In the photos below, the paths aren't finished, but gives an idea of where we are heading.  The toppings need to be compacted and more added on top.  It is all very wet today, so needs to dry out a bit also.

Laying the sleepers before the toppings added

Toppings now added.  Needs to be compacted, more toppings added and then the sleepers cleaned up and brought to life.

This is down the RHS of the property (the blind side).  As you can see down from the pool area though, we have planned the path with a narrow garden bed which we will plant a hedge.

This is on the opposite side of the house.  These are the 2 sleeper vege patches.  Our clothesline will be going on between the garden bed on the left and the garage close to the wall, not mounting it on the wall though.  We had the aggregate driveway come through to the back of the garage along the fenceline.

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