Monday, 20 January 2014

Shutters and Blinds now installed

We are very excited to have all our blinds and shutters installed.  Luckily the Roller Blinds and Timber Venetians in the kids rooms were installed just before Christmas.  We had to wait for the plantation shutters as they were coming from overseas.  They were installed last week in the 42oC temperature.

We love all our blinds and very happy with them.

White Timber Venetians
These are in the 3 children's rooms.  Easy to slip hands between the blades to slide open the window. If there is a lot of wind, we just open the blades slightly to allow the airflow through the blinds.  From a previous post, you will note that originally we were quoted on plantation shutters for these windows, but would have needed 4 doors on the shutters and therefore lost a lot of light.  We are happy with the light from these windows.

Roller Blinds
Am loving the fabric we chose.  It is a new fabric and just gives the blinds some dimension.  Others had recommended just plain white rollers, however I felt that plain white was just too flat.  We haven't used sunscreen blinds as we don't have the need in these areas.  Therefore the blinds are inset into the window frame so that the window frame frames the blinds.  I didn't want the blinds installed on the frame.  This way the blinds are also tucked inside the window frame and roll forward, so we don't have to look at the roll.

Playroom/Media Room



Bifold - 2 separate rollers for each section of the doors
Family Room - we had to have 2 blinds here as the fabric
we selected was not wide enough.  The blinds are linked and
roll together when the cord is pulled.

Plantation Shutters
We have these on the 7 front facade windows, the windows you can just see the tops of above the garage roof and then the ensuite and toilet windows just at the side of the house towards the front.  They are all split in the middle so when you tilt the blades you can just move the bottom half or the top half.  This helps with privacy and airflow.  See the photos for the various ways we can have the blades.

Top half closed, bottom half open


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  2. Plantation shutters have been getting fashionable now as an alternative to venetian blinds and window shades.

  3. I really liked looking at these! The family room blinds look especially good, and I also like that they linked together. Now, that's customization. Nice work too on the shutters. It adds an additional character to the room.
    Greg Arnett @ Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions

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