Monday, 20 January 2014


Well, we had a hiccup following my last post.....not going into details, we moved on and now have a new landscaping company.  Unfortunately for them, their first day on the job was 41oC!!!

Prior to them starting though, I have spent months trying to work out what paving we were going to use around the pool and alfresco area.  I have brought sooooo many samples home from many different suppliers, trying to get the right one.

I went from travertine, to pearlised granite, to sandstone and then back through them all again.  Difficulty I was having was that with the house being grey and the pool being a deep blue, we wanted quite a light coloured paver to blend with these colours and really show the depth of the pool colour.  Also didn't want the colour tones being to warm as these colours were clashing with the cool grey.

I was fixed on getting white landscaper sort of questioned me a little and then when I ventured into a new paving shop I hadn't ventured into before, the lovely sales lady at "Yarrabee Castlemaine" said that having children and pets, I would regret white sandstone as it shows every mark and bike tyre mark.  So again, in a spin and needing to order pavers that day, I headed off home with some samples from her of "Fantasy Granite" and "Classic Travertine".  Shown here........

Fantasy Granite with our Stepney paint colour - works well
but when I took sample home, looked too busy.
Fantasy granite is lovely, it has sort of swirl/marble effect which
 is different to the other more uniform granites.
It was called Smokey Granite at a different supplier I found
on the same day - Komplete Paving.

Fantasy Granite next to the pool and one of the many tiles samples
Classic Travertine - you can see how it is more cool than the
little strip you can see on the right.

Sample of Classic Travertine next to pool.

Again - Classic Travertine - with our chosen feature tiles.
So by midday the next day, I had returned to the Yarrabee Castlemaine warehouse to get actual pavers to just ensure that the colour variation of the travertine worked for us.  Interestingly, I placed them next to some other travertine samples I had and from a distance the didn't look much different however when put next too each other, the YC travertine was cooler in tones than other samples.  So we were excited that we had found it.  The best part was also that they had the right sizes for us with out having to cut them to size and had them in stock.  I had ordered and paid that day and they were delivered the next day.  Ready and waiting for landscaping.

Next job was finalising feature tiles for the sunpod feature in our pool.  After about 10 different samples, I had it narrowed down to 2 that we liked, but then discovered one of the samples I had been given couldn't be used in the pool area, so that left us with the one we have laid - see below.

Following 3 days of paving in 40oC plus temps last week and a good day today, the paving out the back is complete.  The crew will be coming in tomorrow to do the grouting.  Then work will commence on a deck around the outside of the pavers in pool area.

Before Paving Photos.....

During Paving Photos.....
Its funny that in some of the photos, the paving looks quite warm in tone, this is the lighting.

Aqua glass mosaic tiles in the Sunpod from Moorabbin Tiles