Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Week 9 - a Cracking Pace....

Our house is really starting to take shape and look real!

Apart from one window that is missing and therefore not hebelled, the rest of the house is fully hebelled and the top storey rendered.  Can't wait for the render to be painted and to see our colours take shape.

Now today they installed the eaves, which looks fabulous and makes it look lovely and neat!

Other bits and pieces:

  • Solar panels for hot water installed
  • Evap Cooler installed
  • Everything roughed-in - Plumbing, Electrical, Heating/Cooling, Gas
  • External doors and locks installed (except bi-fold)
  • Shower Bases installed
We are moments away from lock-up!

Tomorrow the plumbers are heading back to site and will fix the shower rose to the correct height.

Still waiting to hear on some fixes to the electricals.

Front Entrance with temporary door
Evap Cooler looks quite big up there!

Heating/cooling ducts

2nd Storey is Rendered - Eaves have been installed

Missing window and no Hebel

Guest Ensuite - Biggest Shower!
Kids Bathroom with incorrect shower
inlet height.  We put a note on it to
ensure they didn't board around it.

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