Thursday, 10 October 2013

1 more sleep - Handover Day!

Well tomorrow marks 172 days, or 24.5 weeks since "Site Start".  Tomorrow is handover day.  All very surreal I have to say.  We started this journey with a contract end date of late Feb 2014.  My DH desperate to be in by Christmas.  I kept saying, if we can get the house by January, be happy with that, if by Christmas, we can celebrate later.  I didn't want him getting disappointed!  So who would believe that here we are with tomorrow being 11 October and the build is over 4 months early!  Now to be fair, we are building in Zone 4, so PD add on an extra 8 weeks for this to the build time and this therefore put our dates over Christmas, so they add on another 4 weeks for Christmas closures.  A normal build in Zone 1, 2 or 3 for a double storey home is 30 weeks, so if we look at that - 5 weeks early.  Still pretty good and exciting!

PCI was last Thursday and took us about 2.5 hours.  I had our Independent Inspection done a couple of days prior.  The SS started off going through all of the items on the inspection report and then we walked through the whole house.  There were some things on the report that the SS didn't agree with and some things that didn't worry us, so we agreed on what not to worry about and what needed to be attended to.

There are just a couple of things that may carry over.  With the wet weather they need to fix an area of render, but need to wait for it to be dry.  Carpet to be re-tightened in one area where some work was done underneath.

So the Port-a-loo and fencing disappeared today and the cleaners were there late in the day cleaning the outside of the windows.  Why are there stickers on the outsides of all the windows!!!

Bank cheque ready to go, meeting with SS in the morning then heading into office to meet with BC late morning.  Keys should be ours by Midday!

Bring on the Champagne!!!!!  Perhaps some fish and chips for dinner with the kids in an empty house. 

Now comes moving........

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  1. How exciting Mumma Deb!! Cant wait to see some "move in" pics!