Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Independent Inspection - Pre PCI

We had the II completed yesterday by New Homes Inspections - gee they know their stuff, overall pretty happy.  Shall wait till we have the full PCI with SS this Thursday.

I did find this though and was surprised it was installed - Rangehood!:
(mental note to others - ensure that your rangehoods are ducted to an external vent if detailed on the plans - we don't have external vent as yet!)

Close up photo of under cupboard lights.  I know some people find these ugly.  I actually like them.  I also like the fact that they don't take up all the space in the bottom of the overhead cupboards.

Stairs now varnished and handrail installed - didn't know we were getting that!  Better than having dirty hand prints up the wall!

Vanity Basins
The Basin on the left is the Valentino Stepped Vessel (Lifestyle).  Long story cut short - apparently out of stock, but 3 managed to arrive and not 4.  Confusion on which basins we were having.  So now have the Caroma Basin installed in Powder Room.
Which basin do you like? 

My Bath - well the view from my bath - can't wait to use it!


  1. Love your floorplan, Porter davis have the best double storey plan IMO. We would have loved a square kitchen like this, but unfortunately that's one thing we miss out on with our build. But seeing the white cabinets with the same flooring that we are getting assures me that we have made the right choice :)

    Are you doing many things after handover?

  2. Thx. This is the right floor plan for us, just what we were looking for in an established house.
    I am really happy with the flooring, I also like the stainless looking kickboards also in the kitchen (this is just a laminate).
    After handover, really just some cosmetic things to change - changing all the cupboard handles (we just selected standard and got the measurements of the holes), add in pendant lights above island bench, pendant lights in bedrooms, ceiling fan in alfresco and our bedroom, look at different taps (family member is plumber....), ceiling lights in bathrooms, i guess really fixing up all the electricals where we have batten lights. Of course then the usual blinds, driveway, letterbox, landscaping.

  3. Wow! Love your splashback!! Coming along very well :)

  4. Hi there.regarding the pendant lights,do you need to have a provision for it to be attached or batten nuggin will do?and do you have any idea what they mean when they say it needs to be hardwired?thank you

    1. It really depends on the weight of the light you are installing.
      In the bedrooms, we just installed lights to the where the batten lights were, and these were all fine.
      For the lights in the kitchen, we had specified that we wanted the extra noggins added in so that they would take any weight. We also got some of these extra batten noggins where I knew I planned to install fans down the track.
      Not sure what they mean by hardwired, sorry. I know that there are some pendant lights that you can install yourself straight into the batten fitting, so perhaps these are "not" hardwired.

  5. Thank you =) it helped with the confusion..did you have to hire an electrician to put up your pendant lights in the kitchen?