Sunday, 29 September 2013

Week 23 - Touch ups and Finishing off

We were due to have our PCI this week, however this was postponed as there were still some things not quite finalised.  SS didn't want to present our house to us with not everything finished.

Termite Barriers

This was installed - not quite sure how these are finished off as this is just sitting there!
See the green box and yellow cord along the edge of the concrete.

Exterior Painting

Finally all the timber work around the Exterior was painted - this is one of the things holding things up. There will now be some touch ups required due to some sloppiness!

Front door without the blue paint tape on it!

Stairs Lacquered

Sorry - can only see this through the rumpus window!

Boundary Fence installed

Other Stuff 

Independent Inspection now booked for Monday and then PCI on Thursday.
Still confusion with one vanity basin.
Laundry Chute to finalise (may have been done - just can't see)
Window frame to finish above extended benches in dining room after Essa Stone installation.

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