Sunday, 13 January 2013

Clearing the land and preparing for Tender

Following from my last post, still no closer to choosing exterior colours..........

However, after the Christmas and New Year break, I hit the phone on Monday morning to line up Tree Removalists and Demolition Companies to provide some quotes on helping to clear the land.  We have also been looking at trying to remove the house instead of demolishing it.  I still need to get 2 more demolition quotes this week and then we will make a decision as to which way we will go - remove or demolish the house.  

Exciting news is that we have received council approval to remove a tree that is centre front of the current house and would have been very difficult to try and build a new house around. We are very excited about the approval.

Yesterday we went to visit the Wembley display again, unfortunately it is all the way round the bay near Geelong.  So I took heaps of photos and worked out some finer details as we prepare for our Tender Meeting this coming Friday.......Yikes!

We are planning another trip to Hopetoun and National Tiles next weekend in preparation the selection appointments.  

I have loved reading the homeone blogs from many other people and also the following ones titled "Porter Davis Homes",  "Things You Forget" and "Porter Davis Upgrades and Costs", they have been invaluable in preparing for the meetings with PD.  How did people get all this information 10 years ago!

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