Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Processes to get site cleared

I didn't realise how much had to be done to clear the site ready for PD to come in.

Obviously we need to get the site cleared.  As mentioned on earlier posts, we were looking at trying to remove the house for 2 reasons: 1. To see the house kept and being used be someone else.  2. Save us costs on demolition.  Unfortunately due to the fall of the land at the front of the house, we would have had to remove a fair chunk of soil to get the house out, which sent our costs sky rocketing.  Also the house remover we were talking with wasn't getting any interest in anyone wanting to purchase the house in our timeframe.  So we made the decision that we will just have to demolish.

To help others, these are the steps we have had to follow:

  • TREE REMOVAL - Gain Council Approval to remove a large tree in the front middle of our block ($30)
  • ELECTRICITY ABOLISHMENT - Apply to United Energy to Abolish the electricity from the house - this can take up to 20 days, for us it actually only took 12 days ($171)
  • GAS ABOLISHMENT - Apply directly to Gas supplying company to Abolish Gas Meter and Line from the house - again, this can take up to 20 days, this actually only took 12 days ($152)
  • ASSET PROTECTION - Apply to Council for Asset Protection ($226 + $600 bond) - this is to cover the Demolition and Pool - took about 7-10 days
  • DEMOLITION - Engage Demolition Company - they need 3-4 weeks to get Council Approval ($13,500)
  • POWER PIT INSTALLATION - Apply to United Energy to set up Underground Power Pit - they come back to you with a quote within 20 days and then once you pay and confirm their quote, they will then install the Power Pit within 20 days.  Note: this has to be ready for PD to start on your site. (I haven't received our quote as yet, just posted off documents yesterday) - (Edit - received quote today (31/01) - $2,830)

We are also installing a pool, so have had to coordinate this along the way as well.  The pool will be installed after demolition but prior to the build.  They need electricity, so I am hoping that the power pit is installed by this time.....

Everything is now starting to fall into place on this side of things, hopefully it keeps running smoothly.  Our hope is to have the site fully cleared by the end of Feb, pool going in during March and hoping for April start date for the house.  Lets see what actually comes to fruition!


  1. Electricity pit will set you back approx $2.5k

    Demo will set you back $10k to 14k (shop around as pices will vary drastically)

    1. Thanks Ynot - good to know about the pit, we are fairly close to the power pole, so guessing this is a factor in the costings????
      I do have a demo price of $13,500, which is pretty good as this includes lots of Asbestos and the Tree Removal.