Monday, 28 January 2013

eBay and Tiles


Well after deciding that the house wasn't going to be removed and it was in fact going to be demolished - a little sad, especially for the man who built the house for his wife, we decided to try to salvage a few things.

We removed some great door handles that we may be able to use, eyeing up the front door and screen door that we might use as our laundry door, and just some bits and pieces around such as - shaving cabinet, old wooden gates, sleepers etc.  It will be nice to keep some memorabilia of the old house for the new.  Some things we might just use in the garden.

I also went a little ebay happy, so lets see if anything sells.  Don't mind what for, just the thought of others being able to use things is great.

Tiles, Tiles, Tiles.....

Well the big TILE appointment is tomorrow.  Wish us luck.  Going in there with some ideas but nothing set firm in our heads.  I am going to go a little earlier to sneak a look around first and try to maximise our time whilst we are there.  I have looked and looked through the Tile Boutique Website, forum one blogs, other peoples blogs and seen some good info.  Finger crossed...

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