Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Tender Meeting

The Tender Process is for us to define any structural changes and variations to the plans.  Following this meeting, our individualised plans for council will be drawn up.

We are excited to have now finished and signed our Tender.  You spend so much time researching and thinking about it all and wondering if some of your changes are possible.  It feels great to have this all locked in now.

We took 6.5 hours at our first appointment, but ended up having to leave due to commitments.  I then went back for the 2nd appointment which took 2 hours.   As our Tender Presenter advised though, it is all about getting it right, if this takes a bit of time, then so be it. We plan to be living in our house for a very very long time, so want it right now.  So for others out there, just allow yourselves extra time.  It does take time going through the Tender Agreement line by line ensuring every word is correct and everything is listed.

I have been advised for Contract stage to make sure that we check everything on the Tender Agreement against the plans very carefully and ask them to show us where the changes are on the plans.  A great way to cross check.

Some of our Changes:

  • Site Costs - these actually ended up being cheaper than the quote (exciting!) - it was good to have realistic quote for this
  • 450mm Eaves
  • Grand Alfresco
  • Guest Suite with Ensuite and Separate Powder Room, instead of Lounge.  As all the other bedrooms are upstairs, we thought it best to have an additional bedroom downstairs for guests or family
  • Guest Bathroom - added a window as it didn't have one
  • Wembley 35 Amended Pantry - as displayed at Leopold (Standard option is different)
  • Garage - 2m extension with roller door at rear
  • Removed window in Pantry - don't want food getting hot and also want to utilise the space for full shelving all the way around
  • Bi-Fold door - we have recessed the frame - this means there won't be that raised area that people can trip on.
  • Double glazed windows
  • Changed some of the types of windows - how they open
  • Hebel
  • Added doors to WIR, Rumpus
  • Front door - changed from 2 doors to 1 door
  • Colourbond roof
  • Niches in bathroom
  • Media Unit in Dining Room - as per display
  • Gas connection in Alfresco for BBQ - this also then entails upgrading the gas line to the house
  • Upgraded Ducted Heating unit to more efficient model

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