Saturday, 11 May 2013

1st Independent Inspection - Slab

We noted once the slab was poured that it was missing the rebate for the bi-fold door.  Quick chat with the SS and he said this can be easily fixed with some cutting into the concrete.  Just shows you though, doesn't matter how much I checked the plans over and over, this is one thing that I didn't look for.  It is noted on the floorplans and elevation that the bi-fold is rebated into the slab, however this wasn't transferred over to the concrete slab engineering plan!

Anyway, easy fix, so happy with that.

We had our independent inspection come through and he was pretty happy, the only other issue was that for our grand alfresco, one side of the slab is flat and not sloping towards the drain.  You can see below in the photo just at the right hand side where the pool of water is.  SS also happy to follow up on this item.

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