Saturday, 18 May 2013

Build it up, Build it up, Build it higher.....Week 4

I can't believe how quickly the frame goes up and it all of a sudden looks like a house.  It is so exciting going in through the front door and checking out the layout of the house.

At the end of Week 4 (1 week of Carpentry), we have the first floor frames and windows inserted and today they have put up the external walls of the second floor.  There has been a little rain on and off this week, but this hasn't stopped anything.

Apparently, as we are building with Hebel, there was a wall at the back of the garage that wasn't accounted for that the trusses need to sit on for the garage roof.   Carpenter was straight onto this on Day 1, he had to arrange for the plans to be re-engineered to fix the issue and work with the slab as it is.

Every fortnight on a Friday my SS is calling me with an update, which is fabulous.

View from the backyard looking over Alfresco

Looking out through Dining Room from Kitchen

Guest suite bedroom with our Casement Windows
A glorious Saturday - found the builders there working away
From the backyard

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