Saturday, 11 May 2013

Let the Carpenters Begin!

Friday morning I met the carpenters, morning tea time so a great time to have a quick chat without disturbing them. Great to see that the head Carpenter is on the ball and reading our plans.  He noted that there is supposed to be a rebate in the concrete slab for our bi-fold door, which isn't there.  Also discussed that as we are building with Hebel, the engineering plans weren't quite accurate where the garage meets the house and should have been another 90mm wide concrete section for hebel to sit on.  All easy fixes (or work arounds) apparently, however he needs the Drafts people and Engineers to redesign some of this area as they are load bearing I think for the second storey.

So after Day 1, they had marked out the rooms on the slab, sorted out a heck of a lot of timber and have laid out timber for the walls, just need to get nail gun happy.  

My only concern is it is now the weekend, so hopefully everything will still be in place with their jigsaw on Monday!

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