Friday, 6 September 2013

Week 20 - Fit offs galore!

A meeting on site today with my SS enabled me a good look around and a photo opportunity.  Lots has happened over the last 2 weeks inside, I just couldn't get in to have a good look.

Wardrobe and Cupboard Fit outs

Slight problem in the first picture as the laundry chute is to come down through the LHS of this cupboard.  The shelving is in the way.  Working on a solution with SS.
Laundry - Linen Cupboard
Master - WIR (LOVE IT!)

For our friends - the GUEST wardrobe

Walk in Pantry
Walk in Pantry

Bathroom Fit Offs

Nearly there with the bathrooms.  Plumbers there today installing the bath, still need to do basins and basin tapware.  All shower tapware done.  We will look at some changes to tapware post handover!
Mirrors came through the door as I was there....

Master Ensuite

 Toilet - Lifestyle Upgraded model

 Powder Room Vanity

Guest Ensuite and Shower

I wasn't happy with the splashback on the vanity here.  The vanity is 800 wide and the 2 tiles on the splashback are not even, ie 1 is smaller than the other, so therefore the grout line in the middle, looks off centre to the cupboards and vanity hole.  After chatting with the SS, I now understand why.  He said they could fix it up to be lined up, but because of the size of the tile, there would be a raw cut edge along the RHS of the splashback tile which would look rough and unfinished.  So I then asked, what if I was to get the feature tile as per our powder room.  This is an option, however I would have to arrange them and get them to site.  So decision time:
A.  Leave it as is - see 3rd photo below
B. Get the tiles replaced with the grout lined up, however will end up with rough looking tile on outer RHS edge.
C. Source some more tiles from National Tiles as shown here in photo 2 (this is what is left over) of our feature tiles and have this to replace the others.  In process of doing this and pricing it now.

Grout line is totally not centre to everything else on splashback!
Shows the lines not centred (excuse photo taken through window!)

Main Bathroom

Plumbers were putting the bath in as we were there.  Can't wait to use it!!!!


Just excuse all the dust!


Garage - Internals

Astonishing that all the work goes on around the continual mess on the floor!

There photos show nicely the different colours.  On the LHS is the Stepney Render (Dulux), on the RHS is the Alabaster Wall Paint (Wattyl)

Cooling/Heating Vents

These have all been installed throughout.

Return air vent in - still no change to
Laundry Chute Cupboard upstairs -
needs finishing off.


Yesterday there were wires hanging everywhere, at 9am this morning there were downlights everywhere.  Trusty electricians busy putting all the fixtures on - downlights, exhaust fans, chinaman hats (ugly as they are!), powerpoints etc. 

Oh, we also have a doorbell!

So we are tracking for Handover by the end of the month.  All other trades booked in to complete everything.....lets see!  Should be flooring next week.

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