Sunday, 15 September 2013

Week 21 - Very close to the end, more finishing touches

Facade & Roller Door

Monument Panelmaster Roller Door is on, great to see the balance of colour.  Just as I type this now, my husband is at the house and sent me a photo of the front door which is now painted Red.  We were at the house yesterday until midday, so it has happened since then!

The Portico is just now waiting to be painted, then the front facade is finished.

Electrical and Technology

Outside Speakers in Grand Alfresco - party time!

Wall Mounted TV set up ready to go
External Powerpoints on Grand Alfresco
 - we put one up each end

Stair lights - I think the very right one should have been
further up???

Tiling Splashback in Guest Suite

As mentioned in previous post, the tiling was not centred on the splashback.  This has now been fixed, even though I was working on the feature tile idea.  However, after now looking at the work, I think it looks fine.

Cut edge on the tile looks fine.
Can see how the tiling is more centred to
everything else now.

 Some Fix Ups

This corner needed to be fixed as it was not plum.
You can also see the Bolero Laminate Flooring added in the hallway through the doorway.

Downstairs linen cupboard - we had to remove the top shelf so the clothes that fall through the linen chute directly above have somewhere to fall too!

This is currently where the laundry chute needs to be finished with some laminate type timber and obviously neatened up.

Laundry Chute upstairs, still needs hole cut so the clothes have somewhere to go!

Bolero Laminate Flooring - Rustic Coffee

This was laid on Friday


  1. Coming along very nicely! Any idea of when handover will be?

  2. At this stage I have my Independent Inspector booked in Weds 25th Sep and SS wants PCI Thurs 26th Sept - so aiming for 1-2 weeks post that......yikes!
    The stairs were also stained yesterday. I just popped by to get better pictures of the red door and saw the stairs. No one there today - allowing stairs to dry I am guessing. Carpet is getting laid tomorrow, there will be a strip of carpet down the stairs. Lots of bits and pieces to take place this week as the SS want their quality inspection this Friday!

  3. Hi there.just wanting to ask,were also getting the rustic coffee bolero you think its too dark or does it compliment the white inside paint on your walls?cheers

  4. I LOVE our flooring. I personally don't feel that it is too dark, as I also like dark furniture. My original concern was that it was a warm tone and the wall colour (Alabaster) is a cool tone. However now that the furniture and everything is in place, it all works well.
    I should try to update my blog with some recent photos to show how it all looks with furniture in and set up 1 year down the track.
    The flooring is great for family living. Lovely feel to walk on, nice and warm. Great feel in winter also. Very easy to clean - never use a steam mop on it though.
    All the best

  5. Thanks for your response.that will be lovely if youll post some photos =) thats was our concern when we saw a display home which had a rustic coffee as we thought it was too dark but since you're happy with it i guess we made the right choice after all :) cheers

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