Friday, 20 September 2013

Week 22 - Splash back and some finishing touches

LOVE the Splashback.  

It is very reflective!

Colour is "Mangrove Leaf" on normal glass.  No point paying extra for clear glass when normal glass gives a greenish tint!

Stair Case

English Walnut Stain - still needs to be varnished.
We wanted carpet on the stairs so little kiddies don't slip down the stairs.  Lets see how easy it is to clean.........


Guess where the join in the carpet is????

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom looking into Ensuite


This is how it looks for the Wall Mounted TV.  Very neat and tidy!

Other Stuff

Gas Meter has also been installed, just not connected up as yet.

Also have received final invoice in preparation for handover..........


  1. It's all looking so fantastic!! Have you mentioned the visible carpet join to the builder?

  2. Thanks Mrs R. No I hadn't mentioned carpet as yet as we were due to have PCI this week, however it has now been postponed a week due to other things not being finished. However, think I shall now shoot off an email.

  3. Love the splashback mummaDj. Looking fantastic. Love the floor too. We have selected rustic coffee too. Hope they fix the visible carpet join

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