Friday, 16 January 2015

Internal Photos - lived in house for over 12 months now

Thought I would finally get around to posting some pictures of inside the house.  We have now been living in the house for around 15 months.  We are loving it.

We have added some feature light and fans.

Lounge, Kitchen and Dining area

Little Miss 3's bedroom and WIR

Master Bedroom - Still only have the basics in here

Guest Bedroom

The Garden - Jan 2015

January 2015

The garden is growing nicely.  Great watching everything grow and thicken up.

The last 2 things to do are to repair the cross-over and then get the front fence rendered.

Landscaping Over 12 months on....

It is great to finally see plants in the ground and no longer the bare dirt.  Time to watch the plants grow.

January/February 2014
We had all the landscaping completed around the pool area, the Alfresco paved and the front landscaped, just didn't do any planting at that time. Landscaper - Dream Making Landscapes

Before the Path
After the Path

Paving of the Alfresco Area in the Travertine

Before and After Photos

 Front Yard (no plants yet)

Side gate on Right hand side of house 

Painting the "Metres" of fencing...............

 The Planting takes shape......Sept 2014

3 Silver Princess gums, wild iris, dwarf red kangaroo paw

Woolley bush planted along fence line

3 Silver Princess gums in the foreground with a mass planting
of wild iris around their base