Saturday, 1 June 2013

Frame Stage Independent Inspection

Saturday Morning opened my letterbox and found invoice for "Frame Stage Complete", posted on Weds prior to this.  Ooops, this really eats into the 7 day payment terms and dealing with the bank.  Emailed accounts at PD asking if they could please email invoice in future as they did the first one.

Suddenly occurred to me that I should be arranging for the Frame to be inspected prior to being wrapped up for the Hebel.  So got onto this on Monday.  However as I knew there was an error on our plans at the back of the garage where it joins the house - it is supposed to have a double stud wall to support the garage roof trusses, I needed to get the altered plans from PD and also the Building Variation for this.  Took till Tuesday for me to get the BV, then apparently my BC had to get the Drafting Team to change the plans.  Strange as I know the Carpenter informed them back on 10 May of this error!!!!!!  After a little harassing, BC managed to get me the plans (not the actual framing plans though) on the Weds morning.  This was in time for the Frame Independent Inspection on the Weds afternoon.  I had delayed this inspection a day, however I shouldn't have, as the double stud wall hadn't even been built yet!

The inspection went well.  

They re-looked at the issues from the Slab Inspection:

  • Concrete rebate needed to back bi-fold door - been corrected
  • Slab is level and should be sloping on southern side of Alfresco - needs to be corrected still.  SS asked what we are doing to this area post handover, but we don't know yet.  I do want this slab fixed.

Frame Inspection - Very good overall, mainly things still to do:

  • Garage Roof Trusses not yet completed
  • Alfresco Roof Trusses not yet completed
  • Back Bi-fold to be installed
  • 2nd Storey windows to be installed
  • Side flashing to the front entry both sides of door frame to be installed

Inspector's Photos:

Concrete rebated ready for Bi-Fold Doors

Alfresco - it is the area above the drain pipe in the middle
 that isn't sloping towards the drain.

2nd Storey Windows

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