Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Week 8 - Wrapping, Electricals and more Plumbing

8 weeks in and not far off "Lock-up".  Chat with SS last Friday suggested it would be the end of this week.  However as the Hebel for the 2nd level hasn't started today as supposed to, I think that lock up is more realistically next week - that also means another huge chunk to the mortgage!

Lots of bits and pieces this week.  Didn't quite realise how much till I typed it all up!

So the 2nd lot of scaffolding was put up last Thursday and Friday.  What a jigsaw, can't believe it takes 2 days to install, but it is pretty impressive.  Much needed for Hebel and Rendering the whole house.

Yesterday the 2nd storey was wrapped in preparation for Hebel today.  As mentioned, not a sole on site though today.

All the wiring has now been placed in with all switch and powerpoint point plates in place.  On inspection we are missing:
Washing Machine powerpoint - although I think that perhaps maybe the Electrician is thinking ahead and as the standard placement is 1350 above floor level, perhaps he realises that the WM is to go under a bench and needs to check the height????  Lets hope.  Better check with SS though so that it doesn't get forgotten.

We have a bath frame - one of my favourite bits of the house.  I love a big deep bath.  Lots of controversy getting the bath we wanted, but managed in the end.

The Front Door (temporary one), internal access door to garage and Laundry Door now all installed.  Lock up is looming!

Preparation for Plaster
Someone has gone happy with fluro pink marking all the areas that need to be squared off in preparation for the plaster installation, which isn't far away.

House as it looks today - 8 Weeks in

Front all wrapped for final Hebel 
From the Back


  1. Heya
    we are also wanting a different bath. How did you guys go about it?

  2. The bath was a discussion point right from day dot with our Sales Consultant and something I was passionate about. I kept asking and asking, didn't get our answer until around Contract time. At the time I also pointed out that it was the bath that was in our actual display, I was polite about asking. Every time I chatted with BC I would ask "How is my bath going?????" Anyway, happy result for us in the end.