Saturday, 1 June 2013

It's a wrap - week 6

Thursday and the Carpenters back on site working on some of the roof trusses over the garage and installing steel beam across the front of the garage.  Originally in the plans this was listed as timber, however due to the width, it was changed to steel.

Garage - photo taken from the back,
you can see steel lintel on far side

On my little drive by, found a PD car in the driveway - yes, great opportunity to finally meet my SS.  So a quick chat.  They were discussing the double stud wall at the back of the garage and discussing a different way to resolve this issue.  Would love to tell you what that is, but a little bit over my head...........Something about building the roof trusses into the wall that is already there.  As the 1st Storey is higher than the garage, they will install the roof trusses between this gap.  Shall show a photo when it happens.

With the end of Week 6 - the 1st Storey has now been wrapped with sisalation foil, the first layer of insulation.  Getting ready for Hebel...Yippee!

Amazing how warm it is inside now that it is all wrapped up.


  1. Congrats on your progress, it's all coming along nicely :)

  2. Will have to look back through this blog we are building a marina 41 also with hebel site start in July hopefully

  3. Well I suppose that steel is sturdier than timber, especially for a roof, so that's not all bad. I hope you've found fixes already for all the little and niggling details remaining. It's good you've already got the insulation installed down pat.

    DeShazo Roofing