Saturday, 8 June 2013

Plumbing Rough In

This week had the plumbers roughing in all the pipes etc for all the taps through the house.  A few days ago, I popped in to quickly have a look at the downstairs area and took some photos to just double check everything in the right place.  Straight away I noticed the washing machine taps were in the wrong location.  I remember discussing moving them on our Construction plans to from the LHS to the RHS of the cupboard so they would be closer to the washing machine and I then wouldn't have pipes taking up the whole cupboard.  However, needed to check the actual plans.  The on Friday I snuck upstairs to check the plumbing there and noticed that the shower rose wasn't at the right height.  On our first plans we had a shower on a hose, but then decided to change this at Construction Plan stage and just have a normal shower rose at 1900mm high in the Main Bathroom.  So I quickly realised that perhaps the Plumbers were not working off the right plans - the signed Construction Plans!  The errors made were from previous plans.

I emailed this all and photos to the SS.  He got back to me pretty quickly and said he would look into next week.

As those reading my blog know I am obsessed with driving past, so on a drive by after sending my email I chanced upon the plumbers back on site - bingo.  We had a quick chat about the problems.  He showed me the plans he has and yes, he was working off the original draft construction plans, not the ones that we actually agreed on and signed.  So as people have mentioned before, often they find errors because the contractors are given the wrong plans.  Just annoying that draft plans are sent out.  I was very adamant that I wasn't signing any Construction Plans until everything was spot on (to the best of my knowledge).  I felt very apologetic, but the plumber was just disappointed that he finds this out from me and that he didn't have the right plans.  So I headed home, printed off the right plans and took them around to him (perhaps with a 6 pack beer - bribery!) to thank him for making it right.  He thanked me for bringing the new plans as he called the office (guessing plumbing office) and they had no record of any newer plans - ie my signed plans!!!  Anyway, we will head over this morning and see what is happening.

 This photo shows the taps on wrong location on bottom left of wall

Edit - 11 Jun
Went by on the weekend to do a double check and the washing machine taps now fixed.
Also checked the shower rose height to see if fixed - well a shower rose was adjusted higher, just the wrong bathroom!!!  Not too fussed as I actually wanted all the shower roses at 1900mm, so now I might just say, leave our ensuite at that height and correct the bathroom one as per the plans and discussed on Friday!

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