Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Hebel begins...

A Saturday morning and the Hebel starts going up.  Apparently it takes 5-6 days to do each floor.


  1. the build will be quick and you will be in your lovely new home soon...

    PS I can't blv that they only use 6 screws per panel. That the min required by the manufacture so it should be ok.

  2. Oh I hope so Ynot, contract date for completion is Feb 2014!!!!!!!! So hoping for earlier, school holidays at least to move in and get settled!

    I love the info re the Hebel, I hadn't even noticed that or picked up on that. Do you know the maintenance that needs to occur for hebel following build. I saw a comment on Waldorf Forumone page but haven't gone searching yet?

    1. it would be idea if they applied a sealer over the render. The biggest maintenance issue you might have is the render getting stained from water run-off.

      Also hairline cracks (which happen to brick houses as well).

  3. Coming along nicely Mumma Deb :-)